10 Simple Steps to Optimize your Sound Settings for Zoom Music Lessons.

So you've decided to sign up for online music lessons... Exciting! By setting up your devices properly the first time (and double-checking after updates), you can expect your online lessons to be almost identical to a lesson conducted in person.

Before your first online lesson, please ensure you have a stable internet connection for the device and location you plan to use for your lessons. We highly recommend that students use a desktop or laptop computer for the lessons as there is better sharing capabilities as compared to using a phone or tablet. The instructions below are for Computers. (Go to the end of the post for a tutorial on how to set this up on your mobile device instead)

Audio Setup For Zoom on Computers:

Step 1: Download Zoom

Step 2: Login/Create an Account

Step 3: Click on "Settings" from the top right of the app

Step 4: Go to "Audio" and check that you have selected the right Speaker & Microphone

Step 5: Ensure "Automatically adjust volume" is not checked.

Step 6: Click on "Advanced"

Step 7: Check "Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone"

Step 8: Ensure to toggle the settings to disable "suppress Persistent/Intermittent Background Noise" as shown above. You may close the settings window after these steps.

Step 9: Connect your call and "join with computer sound".

Step 10: You will see this button "Turn on Original Sound" at the top left corner of the call/meeting window (as shown below). Click on the little triangle on the right to select which microphone to use for the call. You are all set up when the button turns blue and contains the text "Turn off Original Sound"

Your setup is now complete!


If you have to use a mobile device instead, follow the steps of this great video tutorial to set it up.

Thank you, see you in class soon!!!

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