Hair Journey.

{I have decided that these first few posts will probably be linked to the idea of the New Year and doing and accomplishing new things}

So for those of you who know me, you would be aware that I have had many different hairstyles/colours over the years ever since getting out of high school. (Probably would have gotten into it earlier if it were not a part of the school rules and uniform to have “natural hair”…) Not quite sure what it is but I seem to get some sort of “itch” whenever I have had the same hairdo for a while. I had wanted to blog about this for some time now but got lazy when I realized my old blog was having issues with my posting.

Anyways, I believe that my hair shows people a side of me that I will otherwise not show without my hair. Not quite sure what that really means… However, I love having my hair say something without me having to verbally say anything. Ever since I was a kid, I mostly had long hair with bangs. Although there was a brief moment in elementary school where I thought it would be cool to have a short boyish cut (trust me, it was NOT cute. Thank goodness my old computer crashed along with those dreadful photos of that hair period.. :P bahaha.) Since then, I’ve mostly grew my hair out in Secondary school for 4 years and wanted to have my hair grow as long as possible… and that’s where the photo gallery will begin because that was when I first really started to change up my hair. (Yeah, some of the changes might seem minor, but it was a big deal to me.) I guess I will now allow pictures to do more of the talking with little descriptions (captions!). Enjoy! My hair journey so far!

And finally, here's my latest new hair! I had decided to try out a blonde ombre. My hair stylist was awesome and so nice and patient in getting me to the colour I wanted. (Blonde hair is not easy to achieve with natural Asian black hair) It is the lightest I have ever had my hair. It is different, but starting to really grow on me.



Hope you enjoyed looking through my hair journey! :) Until next time...


Viv ♥

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