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First of all, welcome to my brand new website and blog. Thank you for visiting! It has been years since I've last blogged properly on any platforms. Now that I have taken a few years to grow in many different ways, I felt like it would be an enriching experience to keep a blog again now as an adult. Here, I shall post about thoughts, reflections, reviews, ideas, music, art, and anything else that comes to mind that I think will be good to look back on in years to come. My goal is to post about something at least twice a month. There will definitely also be updates about my music career and the projects that I am working on.

I can hardly believe that I am turning 24 in less than a month from now. I started up my first blog when I was about 14... So that was 10 years ago! Where did the time go? If you have somehow stumbled upon this website and have no idea who I am, my name is Vivian Lim and so many things define who I am. I will leave details to a future post. My journey in this world so far has been rather eventful and interesting - although definitely also mundane and boring at times... (haha) You will get an idea of who I am and what I do if you navigate throughout the rest of my website. Have fun! :)

Okay, back to the main topic of this post.

2015 was a great year. I learned many things and have grown even more independent than ever. Some highlights include - learning to drive and buying my first car - visiting Iceland with my best friend in the world ♥ - learned about insurance - started teaching ukulele and voice - deleted people off of Facebook who I have not spoken to or even remember having added… (I have a LOT of contacts on Facebook so...), expanded my aquarium(s) - played some great shows (Shout outs to Novalatte! ♥) - hosted great shows (West End Well & Carleton Music Showcase) - gone to my first ever real hockey game - making important life decisions & knowing what I want J

2016 is going to be an adventure with changes. Many things have been planned out-ish for it and I am extremely excited for what’s to come. Some goals and things that will happen this year are…

- Record my first CD (Which could potentially be an EP/Album… To be decided in the next few months)

- Take more photos

- Make videos again!!! [I’ve been on quite the hiatus for about 2 years more or less. I’ve been focusing on getting better at the things I do. I am ready to make new content. ]

- If not a video a month, I will at least release one audio recording. So stay tuned! J

- Bring out my artistic creativity again [Practice drawing. Learn typography & zen drawings]

- Write new songs


- Move to Singapore (Yes, this is happening…!)

- Start working full time

- Dance

- Blog!!

In recent years, I have not been writing or following my new year’s resolutions very well because I had some other things that took my focus. Hopefully what I’ve set for myself to do are all attainable. Haha! Wish me luck.

I hope that you will all have a wonderful 2016 filled with lots of love and creativity!


Viv ♥

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