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Hello! Before I start my main post, I would like to say thank you to those who came to my gig or who watched the live stream online! It's still not too late if you are still interested to see how it went. There is a video of the live stream from that night on the home page of my website! Check it out! :)


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I have been wanting to donate blood for a number of years now but had not met the height/weight/age requirements... Some of you may know from hearing it from me, or if you used to read my old blog from YEARS ago [It still exists!], that I have a rare bloodtype: A- . For facts about my rare-ish blood type, check out my old blog post here! But yeah, I decided that I wanted to donate my blood because I can help a lot of people! [People with blood types A+,A-,AB+,AB-; half of all Canadians!!] And especially the ones who need RH- type which can be hard to find in times of need. :) What better time to go do it than for my birthday? :D

I just turned 24 today! Kind of strange to think about sometimes. Time sure flies by when you are busy and not looking!

Anyways, back to the story. I had finally been accepted to be a donor this year! I was so happy about it. It was only a little scary since it was my first time doing it. I had no idea what to expect how my body might react to it. After some tests and paperwork, I sat down and did it. The actual donation process only took about 8 minutes! After that, I was asked to go and have some refreshments like juice and cookies to be sure my blood sugar level was up and that I was feeling the same.

Later that night, I had my birthday party! It was a lot of fun. Thank you to my dear friends who came to celebrate it with me and made it special! :) I did not do anything too straneous, however I did feel light headed, dizzy and started seeing stars if I stood up and talked for too long. I had to sit down and drink a lot of water. Other than that, I felt pretty great!

I will definitely do it again and hopefully become a regular donor for as long as I can! I do encourage any of you to do it if you are healthy and eligible to be a donor! You can save lives! For more information about blood donations and what they do with it, you can visit for Canada! Otherwise, check your national blood services for information on how you can help too! :D

Till next time, Cheerios!


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