The Final Stretch!

Wow! I sure have been busy! Has it really been 3 weeks since my last post here? I swear that the past month had flown by. So just a few updates/things to reflect on this time. I do believe that I will continue to be busy the next month, but then I shall be DONE! With school, that is. FOREVER! [Or at least for a long while... lol]

Apart from me being super busy completing my school assignments week in and week out, an exciting thing that's happening is that Novalatte is going to release an album! We had been in the studio with Dean Watson to record some tracks. This is my first time doing real recordings in a studio. We got all the band parts down and are left with a few vocal and ukulele tracks! Then it will be editing, getting copyright permission for the covers, album artwork, and printing them! I am so excited and can't wait to share them with everyone when it's all done! Stay tuned! Tentatively hoping to have the album ready for May 2016! :)

Man, this winter has been pretty crazy and weird. Global warming is showing its effects... :( Just trying not to fall sick from the constant changes in weather. Absolutely can not wait for spring! And also to get out of the icy cold tundra of Ottawa... haha!

If you don't already know, I am moving away from Ottawa really soon. Like 3-4 months soon. 4 years sure flew by. I am going to miss it here. Mostly Carleton and the great friends that I've made... of course my awesme bandmates from Novalatte. Definitely going to miss playing with them. Wish I could stay just a bit longer, but I am excited for change. Explain more next time as moving day comes closer. However, really hoping to play at least 3 more shows with Novalatte before I leave... For a CD launch as well as a farewell party/show! I would imagine that tickets will be limited for that depending on the location. Stay tuned!

Many many things to settle in this short time. It is kind of crazy but I know I will somehow manage, as I always seem to do in the end. :)

Probably not going to be a weekly blog in this next month, but will hopefully get back on it after I am done with school stuff! Thank you for reading and supporting me. And if we do not know each other, thank you for your interest!



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