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Not...quite... :(

Technically though, I have finished attending my LAST UNIVERSITY CLASS EVER!!!!!! Hurray! BUT I still have 3 more submissions and 1 big final exam left.

Yikes! Only after then, can I totally relax for a bit! This is not going to be too long of a post because my life has not been too interesting besides having lack of sleep and feeling like a zombie most of the time.

HOWEVER, I do have a few interesting and exciting updates...

1. My album with Novalatte will be all ready REAL SOON! I just have a few more things to settle before I can start printing them and making them available online. Super stoked to share my project with all of you. :)

2. Novalatte will be having a CD Release + Farewell show on Sunday 29th May 2016!!! At the wonderful Live on Elgin! in Ottawa. [Yes, as the name suggests, that will probably be our next and last show as Novalatte]

3. WHY?! Because this lady here is moving to Singapore really soon in June 2016! It is coming up so quickly. I still have a LOT of things to settle before that. It's been a great run here in Ottawa though. I did many awesome things, met some great friends, grew up as an independent adult [sort of; but thanks, mom & dad!]

Okay, that's about it that's interesting about me at the moment. HAHA! Hopefully I will get to blog more soon and also get back to making YouTube videos when I am REALLY free of responsibilities...

Until then, cheerios! Take care and stay warm! [Especially if you are also going through this strange weather...]


Viv :)

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