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Wow, wow, wow! It’s been quite some time since my last blog post. That’s because I’ve B-U-S-Y! If you are connected with me on Facebook, you would probably know that since being done with my last school assignment submissions, I was working hard on getting Novalatte’s CD ready and done before our CD Release Party on May 29th 2016! There was a lot more administrative things to deal with than I had anticipated when it comes to making a CD (and wanting it to be good…!). I ended up doing the album artwork, which I am quite proud of. Haha! It is us flying away to the moon on our space couch. I don’t know, I just felt that it was fitting to how we are as friends and as a band. Lol!! So apart from that, I had to make sure everything came together in time… Such as the tracks themselves, artwork, mailing the master CD to get copied, making sure I had the rights to have the two cover songs on the album… It was quite the headache and I panicked about getting them done in time! However, it all worked out in the end. :)

About a month prior to the show, I had suddenly lost my voice for no usual reason… I woke up one day with a bit of a sore throat and no voice. That day also happened to be the first band rehearsal for the show… haaa… Week after week, my voice was still gone. It was pretty stressful. However, I was determined and somehow pulled it off at the show! :D Hurray! I bet it was the adrenaline rush in my body for that one hour which enabled me to sing as I normally do. Because I swear that before, during and after the show whenever I was talking, I was having a hard time…

The show was a success and I thank each and every one of you who came to see us, and also to those who were showing your support from afar. ^.^ We are so lucky to have all of you! And I am blessed to have met and got to perform with this wonderful group of guys that I call my friends and bandmates. :) So a big thank you to Jacob, Harrison, Simon & James! I miss you guys so much already… T.T You were wonderful to work with, and taught me SO MUCH that I don’t think I could have grown so much musically in those 2 years if it weren’t for you guys. Love y’all!

Speaking of the show, if you have yet to watch it… Here’s a short video of moments from that night! :D :D :D

If you want to support me & buy the CD, it’s available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon! [I have physical copies too] Or you can listen to it for free before you decide as well on Spotify [Follow Novalatte!] and Soundcloud! :D


During my last 2 months in Ottawa, I had also decided to take up beginner violin lessons. It was so fun! And challenging! I do hope that I can continue to learn it and improve in time… :) I also finally had time to play a bunch of video games! [add me on steam! @harvestmoon7] It was nice to have the time to do things I wanted to do for awhile.

However, soon after that little break after the show, I had to focus on getting ready for my move to Singapore. If you even know me a little, you probably know that I have a LOT of things… like… a LOT! Haha! Not quite the nightmare as it was when I was moving to Canada 4 years ago… But still a bit of a headache. I packed for WEEKS! I had to ship some of my things, and throw away/donate a lot of the rest. Miraculously, during the last week in Ottawa, I managed to pack almost all my remaining things that I knew I needed into two large bags[lots of vacuum packs]! [I also brought tons of things to my brother’s place though… bahahaha] What a stressful time. Amongst all that craziness, I did my best to spend time and meet up with friends and family before my departure…

And BOOM! I arrived in Singapore about a week ago! This is probably one of the craziest 2 months ever!

Sadly, my voice is STILL GONE T.T boohoo!!! I no longer had a sore throat for over a month now, but my voice is still not back yet. AKA I can’t sing :( Sobs… I am drinking a lot of herbal teas and honey water in hopes that it’ll return soon because I gotta work! [not forgetting to mention that I really miss singing!] since the beginning of my loss of voice, I did my best not to sing or strain my voice in any way as much as possible… I even went to see a doctor! A couple people just told me that it is probably because of the crazy amount of stress I’ve been under lately that I’ve not been able to fully recuperate. I believe that is probably why it’s taking so long… Hopefully it will be back soon, after I can finally REALLY RELAX for a while… [Haven’t quite gotten the chance to really rest since being back in Singapore.. I’ve been frantically trying to pack, clean and get rid of things in my old childhood bedroom to make room for my things now… haha]

Before I ramble on any longer, I definitely hope to blog more again now that I am starting to settle in here and catch a bit more of a break. Hope to meet many of you old friends soon too! Slowly but surely it’ll happen. Hehe. I look forward to the future and the many things to come. It’s good to be back. :)

Till the next post…



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