First Video Blog in 4 Years!!!

Man oh man, I've been crazily busy. Honestly, I haven't even had time to update my website at all since the start of 2018... What a crazy year it has been so far! I definitely wish to document more moments in my life again. I am determined and have decided to start making YouTube videos again! Well, mostly vlogs. :) Also want to experiment with video game streaming as well as videos, as soon as I can figure it out...

Anyways, I'll do my very best to update here more frequently again as well. Until the next time, here's my FIRST VLOG IN 4 YEARS!!! Including the time I had not posted much (on my own channel, anyways), I've been on youtube for 10 years now!!! What?! Do stay tuned for more! Or not. That's alright too, I know everybody is busy. Special shoutouts to my peeps who have already watched and even commented on my video before I've shared it anywhere else since posting it!

It's been so long since I've last done my "trademark" outro... Peace Out & Rock On!



#life #goals #YouTube

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