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On Demand HERE. (Archives)

*Vivian is no longer hosting the show, but please do continue to support the show!


"You are tuned in to Carleton Music Showcase, here on CKCU 93.1FM in Ottawa. I am your host, Vivian Lim."

I've had the wonderful opportunity throughout my time studying at Carleton University (2012-2016) to be a part of a student-initiated radio show on the community radio station, CKCU 93.1FM in Ottawa.

Carleton Music Showcase served as a platform for Carleton's music students as well as other local artists. We promoted and interviewed inspiring and aspiring (mostly budding) musicians who deserved to be heard! It had always been such a wonderful and inspirational time working on this show and building it to what it had become.

I had planned and hosted many of the shows. We played many recorded tracks, but my favourite thing was to have a guest musician or band play in the studio, LIVE, for all the listeners. It was truly amazing as we get to hear the true beauty of live music and the candidness of the interviews as we learned about the ongoing journeys our musical guests were seeking.


This show was a great way to discover all the great talent we had right under our noses! We also loved supporting the Ottawa music community by promoting any local events and happenings around the region.

I saw myself in many of these guests on the show and knew the support that was needed. As an aspiring professional musician myself, I felt the best way to deal with it was to be a part of the community and help out my fellow artists! :)


The show was not about me, but it had become a huge part of who I am and the role I want to play in the industry. I stopped hosting the show since graduation in 2016, but you can check out old shows on demand. If you'd like to give it a listen and support other wonderful Candian artists, please do check it out!



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