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"Vivian is very patient but is also able to push me to achieve more when needed. I originally started lessons purely for leisure. But with her guidance and encouragement, I took the TCM Intermediate Certificate in Singing recently and scored a distinction with 2 months of (intense) preparation. My main focus has been the musical theatre genre but she is also familiar with other genres such as pop and jazz. Her lessons are always something I look forward to and I'd gladly recommend her to anyone looking for a singing teacher."


- Rena Ng, Private Vocal Student (Singapore)

"My daughter Mila and I had the chance to learn Ukulele with Viv for one year. Viv was up to the challenge of teaching at the same time to a 6-year old and me :) Viv is passionate about music, amazingly patient and able to engage with easily distracted students ;-) Her holistic knowledge of music made her classes all the more engaging since we have been able to go much deeper than just playing Ukulele. Always smiling - and with a very unique voice ! - Mila and I were quickly hooked and always looking for the next lesson. Thank you for sharing this passion with us Viv ! We would highly recommend Viv to anyone (young or older) looking for a Ukulele teacher."

- Jonathan Millet, Ukulele Student & Parent (Singapore)

"I have had the pleasure of working with and witnessing Vivian Lim develop into a fine entertainer in the past four years. She has transformed from a shy, emotionally suppressed, vocalist with medium control of a powerful voice, to a passionate, in control and vibrant vocalist who delivers a song with impeccable phrasing and a warmth in her delivery that I have not seen in a long time."

- Roxanne Goodman, Viv's performance mentor in 2012-2016 (Ottawa, ON)

"The strengths of your demo were definitely the sweetness of your vocal quality, the earnestness and passion with which you sing, the accompaniment you chose and the arrangements."


- Kellylee Evans, Jury's comment on Vivian's EP - Discography with Novalatte

"When our 5 years old son expressed the interest in playing music, we decided to start this lovely Ukulele instrument. But getting the commitment of a little boy is never easy unless you got the right teacher. Patient, amazing listening skills, never ending smile and very talented… This is how we would describe Viv. Our son Louis has been able to play very quickly the songs he liked and is now so proud each time our family audience is watching him ! Thank you Viv, you definitely made the magic happen."

- Solene Verotte, Parent of Ukulele Student (Singapore)

Keyboard and Mouse

"Thank-you Vivian, for imparting your love of music on our son, Benjamin, age 4.  After receiving a Ukulele as a gift, Ben was keen to take lessons, and we knew that we had to find just the right teacher.  We were lucky enough to have had you recommended to us by Ukulele Kids, Ottawa.  It takes a special person to be able to work with young children.  Your calm nature, your kind encouragement, your never-ending smile and your vast knowledge of the Uke are all things that we, as parents, really appreciate about your teaching style. You got to know Ben and quickly realized that his love of Beatles Music, not “traditional children’s music” was the hook to keep his interest.  He now has some great foundations in the Ukulele as well as general music theory which we know will continue to serve him well throughout his life.


We wish you all the best in your career and the future.  Singapore will no doubt be happy to have you back, once again.  You will be missed by us."

- Jennifer & Jason Hirst, Parents of Ukulele Student (Ottawa, ON)


"Viv is such a sunny personality. So responsible, bright, talented and capable. She taught ukulele to small children. The kids loved her. She was always ready to take on task with a good attitude. We ran several workshops at prominent local cultural festivals where she provided instruction in ukulele to festival-goers. She also impressed the crowds with a performance on stage. She served as an excellent public face for the business."


- Jane Stratton, Ukulele Kids Ottawa

"Our daughter had so much fun working with Viv and is singing all around the house now!"

- Cindy Y., Parent of Online Vocal Student 2021

(Beijing, China)

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