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Online Kids Ukulele Lesson (Solo)

1-on-1 Class, 45 mins lessons via Zoom/Skype

  • 45 分鐘
  • From $60 per session
  • Online


Looking for music lessons besides piano or violin for your child? The ukulele is a great choice for your child's first instrument. The ukulele is an easy, fun, affordable and versatile instrument. These are only a few of the perks of owning an ukulele. It is easily portable and brings so much happiness to the world! In these ukulele lessons, we even incorporate basic music theory in fun and engaging ways! They will have a good head start for if and when they want to pick up other instruments. Our recommended age to start learning ukulele is between 5-10 due to their more developed motor skills. However, we have positive experiences teaching kids successfully as young as 4 years of age! Typically, the younger the student, the shorter the lesson. However, we embrace that every child learns in a different way and has a different attention span for learning the same material. We will recommend the lesson duration (30-45mins) accordingly after the trial lesson. Expectations and goals will be adjusted according to your child and their age. {Course Fees} Lesson Bundle - $600* for every 10 online lessons (or $650 for lessons at VLM Home Studio) Travel Fee - Additional $10-15 per lesson (for lessons at your home, depending on location) Ad-Hoc - $80 per lesson (including travel fee) Trial Lesson - $60 (including travel fee) *Please note: To ensure the practice is smooth and continuous, parental involvement is vital when the child is practicing and doing their homework. This should be consistent throughout the week between each lesson and is especially so for children aged 12 and under. *All you need is to have a decent internet connection, and a phone/tablet/computer with Webcam and microphone.


To reschedule a lesson, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance. Last minute cancellations will result in the lesson being forfeited.



Montreal, QC, Canada

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