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Singing while playing an instrument, performance-focused

Singing Vocal Lessons

Build your confidence through singing. Great for musicians, actors, teachers, presenters and more!

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An instrument to be enjoyed by all!
From casual to serious musicians.

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🌈 Hey, music seekers! Welcome to VivLimMusic—where music meets you, just as you are. We orchestrate not just lessons but a symphony of possibilities. Whether you're jamming on the ukulele, belting out shower anthems, or envisioning yourself as the next Pop Star sensation, our studio is where your musical journey takes flight.

🎤 Why us? Simple. We get you. No cookie-cutter lessons. It's all about what you want: your goals, your vibe, your music, your style. 

🎶 We're all about the passion, not the years. Music is the language we all speak, and within these walls, you'll find your voice, rhythm, and stage, no matter your age.

🎓 Ready to embark on a musical journey that never hits pause? Experience progress while having fun with us at VivLimMusic today! 🎶